08 December 2011

Beehive Jewelery Set

Hi Friends good morning,

I'm so sorry....it's fast post because I don't have much time and not feeling well.
But just want to share with you all...

This is my other application of "beehive technique". I made one set of quilled jewelery.
This is it:

beehive ring

beehive earings

beehive pin brooch

Course there are many other applications that you can make with this technique.
One most important of beehive technique is the swirls have to arrange just from one continuous strip, not arranging from some swirls then you fill it in one by one.

Promise, I'll to share you a beehive technique tutorial soon after finished my christmas project.
But... you may to try make this by your way. Sure that you can do it very well too, my quiller friends.

Thank you so much especially for Pritesh Ananth Krishna. I am so appreciate all of your efforts to publish the beehive technique and hopefully that all of my quiller friends will love this.

Thank you so much for stopping by here and so appreciate your comments.
Happy quilling

big hugs,


  1. wow there gorgeous, love the colors to !
    I've just tried making one, maybe alittle different, and had to figure out length for center of petal, Any way I think it came out ok!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. hi,
    i tried to make a flower, hope u like it..


  3. Susan, this is OUTSTANDING! I officially term this technique my favourite over ALL other quilling techniques! Looks like I 'was' right, one new invention in Quilling can change the face of quilling completely!!! :)

  4. Awesome color combo....Wowwwwwwwwww....Stunning jewellery set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These are great, Susan - I think this technique has great potential!!

  6. Love to see all these new techniques that have come up in quilling rather than the same old shapes that exist.While preserving and respecting the old methods we should all try to create and promote new ideas in this wonderful art. Well done Susan and thanks for sharing

  7. Susan,
    What a wonderful technique, your jewelry is so beautiful.

  8. Susannnn, kreative banget!!!!...

  9. ini cantiiikk sekali Susan....pesen dooong Mbak Nika ungunya cin2 dan anting sama bandul kalung bunga boleh gaa....sukaaa....di Inbox ya nanti...muach

    Mbak Nika


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