22 March 2010

BABY CARDs (new.....)

We has made this card special design for Yvonne (Austria). It used for her babtism sacramentary's invitation.

silver pink

One package (content: quilling card and goodie bag)

09 March 2010

Quilling Card for EBTKS Challenge 10

This Wedding card is special design for Oli (Jakarta). She want to give special gift for her sister's wedding.
I would like to dedicate this card to follow EBTKS Challenge 10 too with theme "fabric".
Hopefully have the pleasure

Thank you for looking

08 March 2010

Quilling Card for Crafty Calendar March Challenge

This card is my project last month. A card that request by a best friend from Austria is for her beloved baby girl.
I never been entered this card to follow the challenge, therefor I want to following Crafty Calendar Challenge this month (Flower Power) with this card.
Hopefully have the pleasure.

Thank you for looking

04 March 2010


For this challenge, I have made two quilling cards with hard cover.
Simon says challenge is a challenge that I follow the first time.
I am so pleased to join this challenge.

Simon says: 'mother's day/girly

Card 1: for my nephew, Nabila van Staveren in Dili-Timor Leste. She is very cute.
This design for Yvonne's babtism invitation too (Austria)

Card 2: for my Mom. "I love you Mom.....you are my everything"

Thank you for looking

02 March 2010


Setiap pembelian kartu quilling (hard cover atau soft cover) jumlah berapa pun, kami memberikan layanan gratis packaging kado Anda untuk orang-orang tercinta, beserta dengan pengirimannya.
Khusus untuk pengirimannya ada biaya tambahan yang nominalnya tergantung kota tujuan.

special send to Stevanny (Malang)
from Haryono's family (Malang)

special send to Iddo (Malang)
from Adhi's family (Malang)

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