22 October 2011

Amazing Gifts (just to share my happiness)

Today, I am so happy, surprised and speechless too,...just accepted two packages from my sweet friends, Mbak Vera and Mbak Ria.....
Mbak Ria send me washi papers and kurumie kits. She wants me to try make washi craft. Ok, I'll try it....looks like fun too...he he heeee.....:)
Mbak Vera send me lots of paper packs, ribbons, embellisment...woooooow...really..really big gift....

Thanks a lot Mbak Vera and Mbak Ria, you two so generous.....

Thanks for your stopping by and happy nice weekend...:)


  1. I realize how happy you are!!! This wonderful to receive such lovely gifts, for sure!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. lots of fun with this beautiful paper
    a couple of dear friends do you have
    good weekend
    Greetings Baukje

  3. O, you are lucky with this washi peper Susan! I just bought a washi paper from Amazon and I am consider what to make in this moment. By the way did you made somethig with thesee kits?

  4. o you use so amazing collection of paper i like your gift paper if u like to gifts to Pakistan pakistani friends.


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