28 July 2010

A Small Reminder of João Vasco's Christening.

This cards have special requested for reminder of João Vasco's Christening (Portugal).
He is very cute child and very handsome.
He really love with koala, so His Mom, Sonia, asked me to made his cards with koala.
Finally, I found design of koala by quilling, after trying many times.
They really loves this design.
After that, Sonia aksed me to made 100 koalas. Wow......
I'm very pleasure to make all of these.
For this card, I used digital imaging and than combined with quilling.
This some designs I made

Baptizado do João Vasco
08 Agosto 2010

Thaks for looking

25 July 2010

Blue Sky Card

Yesterday, I received a package from one of my best friend who love making card too, Jovita Maria (Tangerang). Soooo very surprise.......
Thank you sooo much, Sister......your card very beautiful....I really love it.....
and thanks to your gift (double happiness punch).....it's very special gift.

I love you Sister.........

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