27 July 2011

The Train

I made this card for Kevin's birthday. He is my best friend's son in Muenchen, Jerman (Monika)
He loves train so much. Hope he likes this card.

Thanks for looking


  1. Cool! Very colorful and bright - I bet the boy will love it! I can also say that I'm amazed by the shape of the train - so precize! and I love the background with swirls and the way of the train - when it's curvy it feels much better than when straight. =)

  2. what a lovely card and very colorful
    Greetings Baukje

  3. wohoooo I cant stand to waiting your card San hope cepet sampe yaaaa duuh lovely color and great arrangement...you are great at making quilling card my sweet sista...muach

  4. Beautiful cards. Love the designs and colors. And ha.. please do checkout my handmade quilled cards at www.eigth.in


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