27 February 2011

Finally I got an award again

So surprised when got happy news from my lovely sister, Tanika Iswandari from Bali. She is a amazing crafter and very talented in her etnic handmade.
She send me an special award from Liebster Award. Visit her blog "Fresh from The Heart", so you'll find many..many her creations.

This is it:
by accepting this award, I have to do the following:
1.Creating a post where you blog about the Liebster award & reveal my 3-5 blog picks
2.Let them know I chose them
3.Copy & paste the blog award on my blog
4.Have faith that my followers will rally & show their crafty love back out to those you awarded
5.Have fun........

I have chose five creative ladies:
1. Ayu Firdounsyah {Tetap semangat ya sayang, I always to be your best friend, dear)
2. Kristyn Prasad (I really love anything what you do with your Carla punch, so amazing cards)
3. Jovita Maria (Kamu baiiiiiiik banget, super baik deh pokoknya dan kartu-kartu cantik banget)
4. Monika Reeck (Your cards always inspiring me, thank you sister)
5. Cathy Fong (Your cards so special and unique, I love your ways to color images)

"Keep Crafting, to all my best friends, Love you all"


  1. Mba Susaaaaaan makasih banyak Awardnya.. *hug

  2. Wooowww!!!mba susan! Thanks a lot for the award ^^V
    U are so sweet :D


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