12 April 2010

Gorgeous Card from Sister Monika in Muenchen, Germany

Gratefulness.....Sister Monika...
Sister Monika is the best crafter. She lives in Muenchen, Germany although she is an Indonesian. She has make a lot of beautiful card dan very-very creative woman. If you want to know about her, more and more.....please klik this name: Monika Reeck

One of her card have send to me. This card make me surprised. Sister Monika have taking time to make this card for me and friends in Indonesia. I will also make a beautiful card for you on your birthday....ok.....

Thank you.....
Big hugs: Susan Quilling


  1. Woow aku baru liat yg ini Susan makasih yaa udah pasang di Blog Susan...smg senang menerima card aku....hugs...Mnk

  2. Waaahhhhhhhhh.......so pasti aku seneng buangeeeeeeeeet to Mbak.........
    makasih banyak ya atas kasih dan cintanya.....

    big hugs:
    susan quilling


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